Think outside the box!
Always important!

We want to give the best to our campers. That's why we chose the best in every area to work with!
Going through all the life storms with a smile on a face. Being a human despite all the troubles this world offers. Achieving life goals whilst making friends on the way.

All this is possible only if you actually know what you want from life. And if you have clear values.

With campers we'll be talking about life essential things. And they will sure help our campers to succeed in anything they will choose in life.

Olga Varusha is the leading business coach. She's been working with CEOs and business owners within the last 5 years. The experience of such cooperation gives clear understanding how to help the client set a goal. And how to form a strategy to achieve it.

Her passion for teenagers derives her in taking part in different projects. Like Success Laboratory that took place in 2018. Where Olga shares her experience and usefull skills with teenagers.

Olga Varusha
Self-development coach
'The more children will learn about real life now, the easier it will be for them to achieve their dreams'
Olga Varusha

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