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About the camp
We are offering your children an opportunity to become a part of an English speaking camp.

But it's actually more than just an English speaking camp!

Apart from English, every day we will be learning some new skills. From horse riding to playing musical instruments, from rock climbing to web-design.

And, what is even more important, with your kids we will dive into an interesting world of self-development!

Keep reading to find out more information!
In our camp your kid will join:
English discussion club
No matter what your child decides to do in life, English is the must-know language!
We invite your kid to master it with us! In an easy and funny way!
During these classes your kid will have an opportunity to try a variety of up-to-date activities.
They will be helpful in understanding what the life goals can be. And what area to choose for work.
Classes on self-development
In the 21st century 'self' became very important: self-learning, self-development, self-understanding...
With your children we will take a look on how getting correct habits will provide benefits for their future life achievemnets. No matter what and in which area those achievements will be.
Nothing makes you more disciplined than sports!
Make summer for your child unforgettable !
We've prepared the best summer camp for your child!
Don't miss your chance!
What shifts can we choose?
1 shift: 7/06/2021-12/06/2021
2 shift: 14/06/2021-19/06/2021
3 shift: 21/06/2021-26/06/2021
How many days does one shift last?
One shift lasts 5 full days. And on Saturdays we are inviting our parents for a 12 o'clock tea. We are delighted to show you what your child has learnt in our camp.
What are the working hours of the camp?
Our camp works every day from Monday till Friday. Starting from 10:00 a.m. and finishing at 7:00 p.m.
Saturday is our 12 o'clock tea with parents day. So the working time is 12:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Do you provide food for the children?
During the day your child will have:
  • water to go
  • tea with cookies
  • lunch
What's the cost of the camp?
The entire cost of the camp is only 5600 hrn.
Number of children and tutors at the camp?
During one shift we have
  • 10 attendies;
  • 2 full-time tutors. They are always there with and for your chidren.

English tutor;
Self-development tutor;
Sports tutors;
Ativity tutors;
Catering team.
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'Stay hungry, stay foolish...' Steve Jobs

Let your child have the most wonderful summer!

Only for 5600 hrn
How It Works
High Quality
We have invited the leading companies in their areas to work with your children during the camp.
Good Support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. Phone, viber, telegram, instagram, e-mail - choose what is more comfortable for you. And stay in touch.

Also we are providing daily photo reports.
Individual Approach
We treat each kid as a unique personality. There are no wrong answers. There are millions ways to think about every case.

The way children think is important for us!
Diversity in Activities
Our campers will have the opportunity to try a load of interesting activities.

English classes;
Classes on self-development and achieving goals;
Soprts: horse riding, mountain climbing,...
Activities: playing musical instruments, SMM, web design, ....

We have everything to make time bright and interesting!
Kyiv, Borys Gmyri street, house 2
Mobile: +38 (063) 209-97-07
E-mail: diCamp.eng@gmail.com
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